What We Do

Real Estate Advisory

Transaction Structuring

We advice clients on investments in real estate by guiding them on the development selection/conceptualization, project team selection, as well as assisting them to develop a well-articulated project plan. All our project plans are bankable and are relied upon by major financial institutions to make their decisions on whether to invest in or lend to the project. We assist our clients to raise the required funds and also sit on the negotiation table with them to ensure that the funds are raised on the best terms possible.


Through our commissioned research works, our clients are empowered with a business and pragmatic case for embarking on real estate projects or portfolio management decisions. Our well-guided forecasts, act as a tailored pitch to show the investment worthiness of carrying out a development or acquisition.

Real Estate Valuation

Land and Building Valuation

Real property is a heterogenous capital good that requires a high level of expertise and thoroughness in the estimation of its value. Using Northcourt's research approach, we assist clients to value commercial real estate for a wide spectrum of purposes.

Plant & Machinery and Other Assets Valuation

Our valuation service offerings also covers the appraisal of plants, equipment, art, jewelry and other special assets using appropriate techniques and methodologies.

Real Estate Brokerage

Property Brokerage

As real estate brokers, we represent corporate and individual property owners in selling and leasing their space in a timely and professional manner with careful consideration of tax, legal and market dynamics.

Auctions and Bids

As licenced auctioneers, we advice clients on the best auction methodology, procedure and timing to dispose of their assets. We manage the auction process ensuring our clients earn the reserve they deserve from their investments.

Real Estate Services

Facilities Management

We offer on and off-site management, maintenance, HVAC management, cleaning, landscaping, catering, security, renovation/conversion project management and other related services required for optimal occupation of property.

Project Management

Impeccable landlord representation requires a good blend of marketing, maintenance, customer service, and commercial awareness to achieve or exceed the owner’s expectations. These are skills we’ve honed over the years, spiced with excellence and integrity.

Professional Development


Capacity development is at the heart of everything Northcourt. Our in-house trainings are very popular amongst our staff members leading to a reasonable decision to open them up to interested attendees. This decision has enjoyed an overwhelmingly good reception and we are not looking to renege on this soon. We also partner with reputable professional and higher education institutions to deliver contemporary real estate, leadership and personal effectiveness courses.

Mentoring & Coaching

Leaders at Northcourt are obligated to mentor and coach the next generation because they love to do so and wouldn’t stop until there are just too many real estate crackerjacks in West Africa.